Who I am


I'm a developer and have always been a developer. Code runs in my blood and takes my attention up on new tech. I love elegant, simple and well-designed products.

Somehow I made it into management and now I'm in deep in some *awesome* projects, which is great because I can see both sides.


Stuff I do

I'm equipped with 19+ years of ERP, MES & MOM projects. My career is tailored around analysis, development, coaching and team management.

Here you can see some areas where usually I spend my working time. Feel free to ask me more.

  • Management

  • Analysis

  • Development

  • Speech


One more thing

I'm proud to be involved in some nonprofit organizations because is important to give back something to have more.

And .. what about this square? Are you curious?

In my opinion, Piazza San Carlo is the most beautiful square in Turin. Right in the middle you can see the statue of Emanuele Filiberto, represented in the act of sheathing the sword after the battle of San Quintino.

This statue is well-known as il "Caval ‘d brôns".

Like what you see?